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Michigan Unemployment

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It's been nearly three months since Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued her first executive order to "stay home" to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Michigan.  Even though the number of cases are declining, the pandemic has had a negative economic impact on many areas of the state budget and residents of the state.  WEMU's Lisa Barry spoke with the governor, who talked about the many different issues she is trying to deal with as a result of the current global health crisis.

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Michigan lost more than a million jobs from March to April, largely due to COVID-19 related layoffs.  As we hear from Rick Pluta, that led to a record-setting 22.7% state unemployment rate.

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s expanded stay-at-home order has passionate supporters and ardent critics.  It’s being challenged in federal court.  And foes of the order are planning a rally today at the state Capitol.  Their plan is to have a caravan of cars and trucks drive around the four blocks that surround the building.  That will allow them to register their objections without violating the order.  We have more from Michigan Public Radio’s Rick Pluta. 

Michigan’s unemployment rate remained unchanged last month. That’s according to the latest jobless numbers compiled by the state.   We have details from Rick Pluta.

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Tens of thousands of people were falsely accused of cheating on their unemployment benefits.  The state took money from their tax refund or ordered them to re-pay benefits.  That was after a problem with the state’s automated system.  The Michigan Supreme Court will decide if a lawsuit against the state for the false fraud accusations can go forward.

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Michigan’s unemployment rate is down, but a new report says those numbers don’t paint the whole picture. 

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A state agency has asked courts in three counties to dismiss 186 bench warrants against people accused of unemployment fraud.  The state could next ask for the charges to be dismissed altogether.

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Michigan’s monthly jobless rate has dropped to its lowest rate in 17 years.  But, that has more to do with fewer people looking for work than new hiring.

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A group of experts will try to figure out how a state computer glitch wrongly accused thousands of people of fraud. 

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Michigan’s monthly jobless rate has edged upward -- not because more people have lost jobs, but because more people are looking for work.  

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Michigan’s monthly unemployment rate has dropped to 4.7%.  That’s the lowest it’s been in 15 years.   

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Michigan’s monthly jobless rate remains unchanged at 4.8%. 

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The current unemployment rate in Michigan is about 4.8%.  It's lower in Washtenaw County.

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Michigan's jobless rate jumps very slightly to 7.5 percent

Michigan's monthly unemployment rate has edged up slightly 7.5 percent. It's a statistically small nudge of one-tenth of a percentage point, and most of the change is attributed to more people looking for jobs.

A one-tenth of a percentage point shift in the unemployment rate represents about 2,000 people, and statistically that's considered virtually unchanged from the month before. The slight bump in the rate is attributed primarily to more people joining the workforce to compete for jobs.