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moms demand action

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It's a story no one wants to tell and a story no one wants to hear.  Another teenager lost to suicide.  But, talk we must.  It is essential to healing and serves as the impetus for dealing with the societal issue of rising suicide rates.  On October 19, 2016, a single gunshot rang out.  Days later, Gwendolyn LaCroix had to bury her 17-year old son, Jonah Payne.  The reverberations from that personal earthquake continue to resonate on the emotional Richter scale. 

March For Our Lives
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A large crowd is expected to gather this Saturday at Pioneer High School in Ann Arbor as part of a national movement called "March for Our Lives." 

Moms Demand Action
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Moms and other activists against gun violence gathered at the state Capitol Wednesday, and the participants want to reach as many lawmakers as possible.

Pro-Gun Bills Pass Michigan Senate Committee

Nov 8, 2017
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In the wake of another mass shooting, the state Legislature took up bills to expand the state’s concealed carry laws.