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City of Ypsilanti

As a new development project is being considered on the city-owned property known as Water Street in Ypsilanti, city council plans to use a tool it didn’t have the last time a project was proposed for the vacant site.  


During Tuesday night's December 1st Ypsilanti city council meeting, council will discuss a proposed development project for the vacant, city-owned property known as Water Street.  

Border-to-Border Trail
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The Border-to-Border Trail in Ypsilanti was scheduled to re-open this past May after being closed for a periods of two years.  Now, it’s July, and the trail remains closed. 

City of Ypsilanti

The Water Street redevelopment project in Ypsilanti remains a work in progress. Now, a state agency has raised some red flags over unsafe levels of environmental contamination  on the property. In this week's edition of 'Issues of the Environment' those concerns are addressed by the city's Director of Community and Economic and Development, Beth Ernat.