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Police Body Cameras

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The Community Advisory Board for Law Enforcement, also known as CABLE, is in the process of creating a campaign to educate the public on law enforcement policies and procedures in Washtenaw County.  

Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department

Washtenaw County Sheriff Jerry Clayton held a press conference today to address concerns about a recent incident in which one of the department’s white deputies struck an African American woman in the head.

City of Ann Arbor

The Ann Arbor Police Department continues to use body cameras as part of a pilot program. 


City of Ann Arbor plans to issue 86 body-worn cameras to the Ann Arbor Police Department.


ACLU of Michigan stipulates how they think the cameras should be used, and for how long the footage is archived.

State Representative Jeff Irwin
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In response to the death of 40-year-old Aura Rosser, some Ann Arbor City Council members want a review of police policies including the possibility of having officers wear cameras. A local state lawmaker is working on a plan for all police in Michigan to have body cameras.