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Debbie Dingell
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President Joe Biden visited the Ford production facility in Dearborn this week, where a new, all-electric pickup truck was unveiled. While in Michigan, there was ongoing conflict and violence between Israel and Hamas. On Thursday night, a cease-fire was agreed upon and has, so far, held up. Michigan's 12th District Congressional Representative, Debbie Dingell, joined WEMU's David Fair to share her thoughts and the work she is doing on these issues and more. 

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Michigan helped push former Vice President Joe Biden closer to the Democratic nomination Tuesday with a decisive win over Senator Bernie Sanders.  For Sanders, this was a stark and bitter change from four years ago, when Michigan resurrected his faltering campaign for president.  Rick Pluta has more.

U.S. Capitol
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U.S. lawmakers announced the creation of a bipartisan task force Wednesday to fight PFAS chemicals.  A majority of the members on the task force are from Michigan.