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Tuition-free community college for all is one of the priorities rolled out Monday by state House Democrats.  The Democrats’ plans create several friction points with Republicans.

Rick Snyder
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Governor Rick Snyder delivers his eighth State of the State address Tuesday.  The State of the State is a yearly event where the governor lays out his priorities for the upcoming year.  Some lawmakers have wish lists for what they want the governor to talk about. 

Car Insurance Overhaul Dies In State House

Nov 3, 2017
Car Accident
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A plan to overhaul the state’s auto insurance system failed late Thursday night. 

Prescription Pad
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Democrats in Lansing want to stop prescription drug price hikes in Michigan. 

Michigan House of Representatives
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Political intrigue is being blamed for the collapse of a deal for the state to offer big tax breaks to employers who bring a lot of jobs to Michigan.

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Top lawmakers in the state Legislature have reached a tentative agreement with Governor Rick Snyder about changes to the state’s teacher retirement system.

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Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley is getting pushback for his big announcement earlier this week.  Calley says he’ll push for a ballot proposal that would make Michigan’s legislature part-time. 

John Kivela
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There were tears and hugs on the floor of the state House Tuesday as colleagues got word that state Representative John Kivela took his life – one day after his second arrest on a charge of drunk driving.

Michigan House of Representatives
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There won’t be an income tax cut anytime soon in Michigan. 

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Governor Rick Snyder delivered his seventh State of the State address last night.  

Voting Booths
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Some voters like to take “selfies” with their ballots on Election Day.  But, in Michigan, that’s against the law.

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Democrats at the state Capitol say they plan to put up a fight over spending on criminal defense attorneys for Governor Rick Snyder.  Those lawyers are defending him against legal troubles arising from the Flint water crisis

Jeremy Moss
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A bipartisan group of state lawmakers hopes to send privacy protection legislation to Governor Rick Snyder’s desk this year.  

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  Some Democrats in the state House say people shouldn’t be fired for having a medical marijuana card.  Jake Neher reports.