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Vaping cannabis is associated with more symptoms of lung damage than vaping or smoking nicotine.  WEMU's Heather Irvine has more.

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Some health advocates want to raise the minimum age for tobacco purchases.  The American Cancer Society also wants changes to make pricing for cancer treatments more fair in Michigan.

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The state Attorney General has derailed Ann Arbor’s attempt to raise the age for legally buying tobacco.

Smoking By Expectant Mothers Sees A Spike

Nov 18, 2016
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More Michigan mothers are smoking while pregnant.  A new report from the Michigan League for Public Policy shows between 2008 and 2014 the rate of expectant mothers smoking increased by 18% in Michigan.

Great American Smokeout
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Today is the day local and national health officials try to encourage people to quit smoking.

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The city of Ann Arbor could raise the age of when its residents can buy tobacco products.