Maria Militizer
Maria Militzer

Mexiquenses en Michigan is a grassroots, community organization established in 2016.  It is integrated by vulnerable, immigrant families with limited access to decision-making, power, and resources.  The Washtenaw County-based group dreams of what can be accomplished not just for immigrant communities, but with their active participation in all phases of the decision-making that affect their health, educational, and community outcomes.  Organization president Maria Militzer shares this inspiring story with WEMU's David Fair on this week's "Washtenaw United."

University of Michigan
University of Michigan School of Public Health /

With people getting anxious about going back to work and restarting the economy, a lot of effort is being put into testing for the coronavirus, and one method involves universal immunity testing for antibodies.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Dr. Denise Anthony, a University of Michigan professor of Health Management and Policy at the School of Public Health, about a possible “immunity certification system" under consideration in the United States and how that might work here.