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Florian Schaub
University of Michigan School of Information / si.umich.edu

January 28th is World Privacy Day, a day to raise awareness about how we can control access to our private information.  The University of Michigan is holding a day-long symposium showcasing privacy problems and offering solutions on how we can protect ourselves better.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with one of the symposium's organizers, Florian Schaub, about the event open to the community.

Garlin Gilchrist
University of Michigan School of Information / umsi.info/csmr

With millions of users, the social media site Facebook has been under scrutiny recently after it was learned they were monetizing user data.  WEMU's Lisa Barry speaks to Garlin Gilchrist II from the Center of Social Media Responsibility at the University of Michigan's School of Information about the best ways to protect your information on social media.

Pexels / pexels.com

You see it or experience it more and more: cell phones at the dinner table.