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Six months into the pandemic, and, although there is still no treatment or still no cure, life seems to be getting back to normal for many people.  That includes the just announced return of Big Ten football.


WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Dr. Howard Markel, a physician, author, and medical historian at the University of Michigan, who has watched closely and written extensively about our global health crisis, including a recent piece in the New Yorker.  He weighs in on whether college football is a good idea right now and talks about the importance of a vaccine for ending the COVID-19 crisis.

Michigan Medicine To Conduct COVID-19 Clinical Trial

Sep 4, 2020
University of Michigan

Michigan Medicine plans to begin clinical trials to test a vaccine against COVID-19.  

There are still many questions and concerns about treatment and prevention of COVID-19 as the virus continues to impact many facets of our lives.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with University of Michigan associate professor of epidemiology from the School of Public Health Emily Toth Martin about the latest on COVID-19 testing, possible new treatments, and a vaccine to prevent it from infecting someone.  

Sandro Cinti
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Michigan Medicine infectious disease specialist Dr. Sandro Cinti says we have "undoubtedly flattened" the coronavirus curve, as they see more patients being discharged than admitted for the disease.  He spoke to WEMU's Lisa Barry about his concerns though that reopening the economy too soon might cause another increase in the number of cases.


Governor Rick Snyder says he’s against an effort in the Legislature to reverse the requirement that parents who don’t want to vaccinate their kids meet with a public health expert.

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A legal challenge has been filed against a state rule that requires counseling for parents who have a religious objection to vaccinating their children.  

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As parents get ready to send children back to school, health officials are calling for kids to get appropriate vaccinations.  The request comes at a time when more Washtenaw County parents opt out of vaccinations than other counties in the state.     

Washtenaw County Public Health Immunizations Coordinator Chris Karpinski says vaccines are a safe easy way to prevent illness from spreading.