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WHite Crosses
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660 white crosses have been put on display in front of the Ypsilanti Township Civic Center by the Veteran's Refuge Network. 


Each cross represents the number of military veterans who will commit suicide in September.  That's nearly 22 suicides each day, according to the organization.

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Veterans for Peace Chapter 93 Tuesday held its annual Arlington Michigan ceremony and display at Veterans Memorial Park in Ann Arbor.

226 white crosses were erected, each representing a Michigan military member who was killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. 

On each cross:  a small photo, along with information about the service member and details about how and where they were killed. 

Vietnam vet Mike Muha is a member of Veterans for Peace Chapter 93.  He says the display reminds us of the cost of war.

Forum Looks At Lessons From Ferguson

Oct 15, 2014
Bob Eccles

The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office is working to build community trust in an effort to prevent something like the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri from happening here.   Sheriff Jerry Clayton and Ann Arbor Police Chief John Seto Wednesday night spoke with concerned community members at a public meeting prompted by events in Ferguson.

Sheriff Clayton told a crowd at Ann Arbor's Church of the Good Shepherd that an organizational culture that recognizes biases and can thus avoid them is also needed.