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Lawmakers in Lansing are trying to put new restrictions on who can run in special elections.  

Voter Identification Bills Pass Through House

Dec 8, 2016
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Bills creating stricter voter identification laws are quickly making their way through the Legislature.  

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If you want to vote in the Michigan primary presidential election in March, you have until February 8th to register.

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Governor Rick Snyder has signed a controversial elections bill, but he has called for a fix to clear up some confusion in the new law. 

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Washtenaw County voters have an even dozen ballot proposals to decide today.

Many of them are police and fire millage renewals, but Manchester Community Schools voters are also being asked to OK a bond issue and millage renewal.

A couple of library-related proposals will also be decided.  The Chelsea District Library is asking for a millage increase, while in Freedom Township, voters are being asked whether they should withdraw from the Manchester District Library. 

Residents in the Village of Dexter have voted to continue on the path to becoming a city. WEMU's Andrew Cluley has more on the vote in Tuesday's election.

Bond issue approved by large margin in Ann Arbor school district.

Tax and Millage Issues Rejected in Ypsilanti

May 9, 2012

Ypsilanti officials faced with deeper budget cuts after Tuesday's vote.

Ypsilanti voters will decide two ballot issues on Tuesday.