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Election clerks across Washtenaw County recommend hand delivery of absentee ballots to their offices if they have not been mailed yet for Tuesday's primary election.  

Susan Lawless / Pure Dance Ensemble

This week, "Art and Soul" is about the performance arts.  Despite being in a pandemic, Ypsilanti dancer and choreographer and vice chair of the new Ypsilanti Arts Commission Gina Danene Thompson is still looking for ways to keep moving and keep healing with dance.  She talks with WEMU's Lisa Barry about a recent "driveway dance" she recorded and shared and plans to keep connecting with the community even during a global health crisis.

TheRide Offering More Services During The Pandemic

Jul 20, 2020

The Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority, also known as TheRide, has started to increase its bus service after making schedule changes in March because of COVID-19.  

The Corner Health Center / cornerhealth.org

Ypsilanti's Corner Health Center is connecting with Ford Motor Company to provide a safe space for teens and young adults deal with the many challenges of what's happening right now due to COVID-19 and systemic racism.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Corner Health Center executive director Versell Smith and Pamela Alexander, director of community development at Ford, about a recent virtual teen summit and plans for additional community outreach moving forward.

Sam Killian
Ypsilanti District Library / ypsilibrary.org

The local and national dialogue on racism continues.  To understand where we are and where we are going, it is important to understand how we got here.  In this week's "Washtenaw United," WEMU's David Fair checks in with Sam Killian from the Ypsilanti District Library.  They'll discuss the resources available while the library branches remain closed and look forward at what may come as they reopen. 

City of Ypsilanti

Some Ypsilanti city council members are calling for Mayor Beth Bashert to resign after making a controversial comment last week.  

Beth Bashert

A protest is scheduled for this afternoon at 4 pm in Ypsilanti to demand the resignation of Mayor Beth Bashert.  


The Ann Arbor YMCA has extended its COVID-19 food assistance program through August.  

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Plans have changed once again for Ypsilanti’s Fourth of July parade.  


The Friends of the Rutherford Pool Board announced that, due to COVID-19, their pool season has been canceled.  

Hope Clinic

The Hope Clinic in Ypsilanti has teamed up with St. Joseph Mercy Health System to provide food to outgoing patients who are recovering from COVID-19.  

Lisa Barry

There are nearly 700 peony plants inside the Nichols Arboretum, part of the University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens next to the University Medical Center.  The garden opened to the public over 90 years ago, but visitors have been discouraged to visit this year to observe social distancing advisories in light of the current global health crisis we're experiencing.  But there is one way to connect with the garden through a newly-published book about it called "Passion for Peonies."  WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with the creators of the book, garden curator David Michener and the director of Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum, Bob Grese.

Reach Church / reachchurcha2y.org

A matter of race and faith.  Pastor Jason Robinson of Reach Church in Ypsilanti is ministering to an outraged and heartbroken congregation in the wake of yet another police killing of a black man.  Is this time different?  Will there be enough unity to make signifcant changes in systemic racism and bring an end to police brutality?  Perspective from a faith leader in this week's "Washtenaw United." 

Ypsilanti District Library

The Ypsilanti District Library is preparing for a soft reopening.  

City of Ypsilanti

Ypsilanti’s City Council adopted a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis in the nation.  The city now plans to take certain steps to address the issue locally.  

City of Ypsilanti

Ypsilanti’s city council has approved street closures to allow restaurants and bars to expand their seating areas outdoors because of COVID-19.  

Sarah Thornburg
Friends In Deed / friendsindeedmi.org

For several decades, the Ypsilanti-based organization "Friends In Deed" has been a major asset to Washtenaw County residents.  It has provided everything from furniture to financial aid to those who need it most.  In this week's "Washtenaw United," WEMU's David Fair has a conversation with Friends In Deed executive director Sarah Thornburg, who explains the organization's strategies during the COVID-19 crisis.

Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department

Washtenaw County Sheriff Jerry Clayton held a press conference today to address concerns about a recent incident in which one of the department’s white deputies struck an African American woman in the head.

Ypsilanti Community Schools

Ypsilanti Community Schools has a new program to help feed those in need during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Observing Memorial Day During COVID-19

May 25, 2020
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COVID-19 will impact how veterans will be honored this year on Memorial Day in Washtenaw County. 

City Of Ypsilanti Considering Cuts To Balance Budget

May 20, 2020
City of Ypsilanti

Ypsilanti’s city council is considering making cuts to balance the city’s budget.  

Trump Will Visit Ypsilanti Township On Thursday

May 20, 2020
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President Donald Trump will be in Ypsilanti Township this Thursday to tour Ford’s Rawsonville plant. 

City of Ypsilanti

Ypsilanti’s city council will discuss possible road closures Tuesday night that would create more space for businesses impacted by COVID-19.  

A2Y Chamber Helping Businesses Get Ready To Reopen

May 14, 2020
Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Regional Chamber / a2ychamber.org

The Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Regional Chamber is helping local businesses get ready to re-open once COVID-19 executive orders are lifted. 

Ypsilanti Community Schools is using bus routes to deliver iPads and Chromebooks to students as part of its COVID-19 distance learning plan.

Corner Health Center

Restrictions put in place during the COVID-19 health crisis have to started to ease up recently.  Many nonprofit organizations, including the Corner Health Center in Ypsilanti, are introducing new safety procedures in their work.  The center's community outreach and youth development manager, Kamilah Davis-Wilson, joins WEMU's Lisa Barry and Concentrate Media's Sarah Rigg to discuss their new ways of serving the public in this week's installment of "On the Ground-Ypsi."

The City of Ypsilanti has released information as to why they didn’t receive a federal CRISI grant that would’ve helped them build an Amtrak platform in Depot Town.

Ypsi And EMU Team Up To Make Masks

May 8, 2020
City of Ypsilanti / cityofypsilanti.com

The City of Ypsilanti has partnered with Eastern Michigan University to make face masks.  

Kim Clarke

It's safe to say that the COVID-19 crisis will be more than a footnote in world history.  In fact, a new initiative is underway to see that this moment in time will be never be forgotten and that "we're all in this together."  For this week's "On the Ground-Ypsi," WEMU's Lisa Barry and Concentrate Media's Sarah Rigg talk to local historian Kim Clarke about the "Ypsilanti Coronavirus Digital Archive," a new photo project designed to preserve memories of everyday life during the pandemic.

City Of Ypsilanti Creates Housing Assistance Fund

May 6, 2020
City of Ypsilanti / cityofypsilanti.com

The City of Ypsilanti has created a housing expenditure program for residents who need financial assistance during the COVID-19 crisis.