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Ypsilanti Fire Department

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A fire early this morning forced evacuation of a residence hall on the Eastern Michigan University campus. According to EMU Vice President of Communications Walter Kraft, the incident was first reported in a first floor lounge of Phelps Hall shortly before 1:20 this morning.

Ypsilanti Hosts Public Safety Forum

Oct 15, 2014
Bob Eccles

Ypsilanti residents have the chance to learn more about their pubic safety departments at a public forum Thursday evening.  The forum will include presentations from the police and fire departments, along with emergency preparedness, code enforcement and the prosecuting attorney.

The meeting is called "Public Safety: How it Really Works." 

EMU Resident Assistants Get Fire Safety Training

Aug 28, 2014
Bob Eccles

Most college students will be back in the classroom next week, and many have been moving into their dorm rooms over the last few days.  Even before that, the Resident Assistants who'll be watching over students in  Eastern Michigan University's dorms were on campus, getting ready.  Part of the preparation involved fire safety training, and the Ypsilanti Fire Department was on campus Thursday to help with that.

Bob Eccles

Ypsilanti City Manager Ralph Lange's proposed 2014-15 and 2015-16 budgets include $3 million for the fire department.

Some of that money would be used to repair and department's leaky roof.  The plan is to install solar panels on the roof as the repairs are completed.  It's estimated the panels could save the city $20-thousand a year in electricity costs. 

Grants and other funding will be sought to replace aging extrication gear and buy a new fire truck.


Solar Ypsi is close to kicking off another season of work trying to expand the use of solar power in Ypsilanti.

Solar Ypsi founder Dave Strenski says their first project will be to install solar panels on the roof of the Freighthouse in Depot Town.  After that, they'll turn their attention to the building that houses the city's fire department.

"They need a new roof," Strenski says, "and so we want to try and figure out if they can integrate solar with that."


The city of Ypsilanti has used a grant received in January to hire three more fire fighters.

The $800,000 Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response, or SAFER grant has helped the city hire five dire fighters this year. It had been seven years since any new hires were financially possible.

The most recent additions to the Ypsilanti Fire Department include Justin Massey, who graduated from Eastern Michigan University this past winter and has worked part-time with the city of Riverview's fire department.

Bob Eccles

There were a couple of new faces on the Ypsilanti Fire Department this week.

The city brought two fire fighters on board using money from the federal SAFER grant it received last month.

Bruce Van Gemert comes to Ypsilanti with experience as a Paramedic Technician at St. Joseph Hospital. He has also been an on-call fire fighter for Van Buren Township.

OfficerGreg/CC BY-ND/ Flickr

The ranks of Ypsilanti fire fighters are growing, thanks to an $800,000 federal grant.

City Manager Ralph Lange says the money will allow the city to hire five fire fighters this year and next.  He says the first five must be on board by April 8th.

OfficerGreg/CC BY-ND/ Flickr

Ypsilanti's fire department will use a federal grant to boost staffing to pre-recession levels. 

Michigan Senators Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin Wednesday announced the $800,000 grant. 

Fire Chief Max Anthouard says he'll be able to restore staffing to what the department enjoyed in 2008.

The Ypsilanti Fire Department currently has 15 fire fighters.  The grant announced Wednesday will allow for the hiring of five more fire fighters.