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Recycling Old Electronics

With many people receiving new electronics over the holidays, the question becomes what to do with old devices. According to the EPA, more than 2.5 million tons of electronic waste is produced each year in the US.  

If the item is still relatively new, it is possible to sell the item on eBay or elsewhere. But, environmentalists hope that the old items won’t just end up in the trash.

Kendra Pyle, Senior Recycle Coordinator at Recycle! Ann Arbor discusses the options local residents have, and why you should think twice about discarding your old device or television.   She says they accept many electronics with a basic drop-off fee.

“We take electronics at the drop-off station for a $3.00 entry fee. Some electronics like televisions do have an additional entry fee of $0.30 per pound. But, a lot them don’t have an additional fee, it just depends on the item”

It is actually illegal in Ann Arbor to landfill old televisions due to toxic chemicals and heavy metals found in these old electronics, because these dangerous materials can leach out of the landfills. In addition to the drop-off center, area residents can check with Best Buy, Goodwills in Saline & Chelsea, or the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

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