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Ypsilanti Community Schools Tackling Charter Schools, Schools of Choice Challenges

Patrick Holubick

The Superintendent of Ypsilanti Community Schools says his district is working in the face of challenges such as charter schools and Schools of Choice to become a top option for cradle to career education.

Scott Menzel says Ann Arbor Public Schools' Schools of Choice push poses a challenge, as does the legislature's removing the cap on the number of charter schools in Michigan. 

Menzel says choice is good - to a point.

"I think some choice - constrained choice - is appropriate," Menzel says. "Parents need to have that. But to have unlimited choice, we undermine the fundamental fabric of a public education, which is an important part of our democracy."

As Superintendent of the Washtenaw Intermediate School District, Menzel says he's focused on providing quality educational opportunities for every student, and working with individual district to help make that possible.