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WEMU News Tests Walgreens Products


The Ecology Center says many of the products it tested from Walgreens contained potentially harmful chemicals.

Healthy Stuff Dot Org Research Director Jeff Gearhart says plasticizers were found in 13 flexible vinyl products.  He says the substance has been linked to asthma and liver toxicity.

"So what we're asking is for Walgreens to actuall implement a comprehensive chemical policy," Gearhart says, "get these hazardous products off the shelves and sell products that are healthier and safer for consumers."

Gearhart says Healthy Stuff Dot Org has been testing products from the top ten retailers in the U.S., with Walgreens their latest target. 

He says consumers in nearly 50 cities across the country were returning products to Walgreens and asking for their money back to help pressure the retailer to make changes.

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