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Ecology Center Adding Solar Panels

Ecology Center Solar Panels Installation
Ecology Center

Ann Arbor is getting greener. The non-profit Ecology Center is installing eight solar panels on its roof Friday.

The center's Creative Director Monica Patel says the price of solar panels continues to decrease. Patel says solar is a viable source of energy, despite southeast Michigan's erratic weather, "Enough to offset a good portion of our day to day household and commercial electricity needs.  There are grey days, but there also are a lot of sunny days.  More than say Portland, Oregon, or even parts of Germany where they have quite a lot of solar installations."

Patel says this installation is the first step in a larger plan to eventually install five-thousand solar roofs across Ann Arbor. 

The center is also working on a community solar installation as part of its green affordable housing efforts.

Like many, I first came to this area when I started school at the University of Michigan, then fell in love with the community and haven’t left. After graduating from U of M in the mid 1990’s I interned at WDET for several years, while also working a variety of jobs in Ann Arbor. Then in 1999 I joined the WEMU news team.
Taylor Pinson is a WEMU news reporter and engineer during WEMU's broadcast of NPR's All Things Considered.
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