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Byrnes Challenges Walberg To Denounce 'Fake' News Website

Bob Eccles

Pam Byrnes wants Congressman Tim Walberg to denounce a website she describes as a fake news website, where her record in the 7th Congressional district is being smeared.

Byrnes says the website is typical of what people don't like about what's going on in Washington. 

The Democrat says she's also challenged Walberg to a series of debates.

"This is a big district where people need to know what the issues are," Byrnes says.  "They need to know who their representatives will be, and I think it's incumbent upon (Walberg) to be more forthright in his representation."

Stephen Rajzer is the Republican Congressman's campaign manager. 

He tells WEMU news the "Southern Michigan News" website is published by the National Republican Congressional Committee. 

He says Walberg hasn't seen it, and "had nothing to do with it."