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Ypsilanti Seeks 'Walk-Friendly' Designation

Bob Eccles

When you think of Ypsilanti, do you think "walk-friendly"?  The city hopes so, and is aiming to draw more pedestrian and bike traffic to the downtown.


One way to do that would be to have the city designated a "walk-friendly" community. 

The city's Non-Motorized Advisory Committee Thursday night completed an application to send to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, which makes the designation. 

Committee Chair Bob Krzewinski says the application process is pretty competitive.

"They have about a 40-page application that you have to go through," Krzewinski says, "and again the good thing about it is even if you don't win a really high award they give you suggestions on what you can do for improvement in trying again the following year"

If the city of Ypsilanti gets the designation as a "walk-friendly" community it would become just the third city in Michigan to be recognized. 

Ann Arbor has a "Gold" designation, and Lansing received an "Honorable Mention".