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Ypsilanti Preparing For Trash Collection Switch


The city of Ypsilanti is gearing up for the switch to a new waste hauling contractor, but residents may not even notice the difference.


The city switches from Waste Management to Republic Services on September 22nd.  Republic's Municipal Services Manager Scott Cabauatan says there won't be any major changes.

"The same items that the city has their current contractor picking up will remain the same," Cabauatan says, "so we're not going to change the types of items that we pick up.  We're not even changing the collection day.  The only thing that may change for a resident would be the time of day which the truck comes by."

The big difference will be in the city's bottom line. 

The switch to Republic Services happens September 22, and is expected to save the city $1 million over five years. 

Those interested in finding out more about the switch can catch a presentation at City Council's meeting on Tuesday of next week.