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Eastern Michigan University Approves Capital Budget, Despite Protests

Eastern Michigan University

Chants of "The E.A.A. is killing us. Black Lives Matter" cut the March 17th Board of Regents meeting.

Eastern Michigan University's Board of Regents meeting was cut short Tuesday by a group of protesters. The dozen or so protestors chanted and banged a drum in opposition to EMU's continued involvement with the Education Achievement Authority.

The protestors argue affiliation with the E.A.A. makes it harder for EMU students to find jobs as teachers. They also argue the E.A.A. provides Detroit's public school students with an inadequate education.

Despite the protests, the board did manage to approve the university's capital budget for the next fiscal year. The $8.9-million plan includes additional investments in the school's health-related programs and the Honors College, as well as another round of renovations for EMU's student housing.

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