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Ypsilanti Kids Sell Lemonade To Raise Money For Mother's Cancer Treatments

Jorge Avellan
89.1 WEMU
Chloe and Noah serve lemonade while their parents look on.

Two Ypsilanti children decided to start a lemonade stand to raise money, but the funds won't go to buy toys or anything like that.

"We're doing this lemonade stand to raise money for my mom because she's sick," says 10-year-old Chloe Proffitt. 

"We made it in the kitchen with a big pitcher," says Chloe's 8-year-old brother Noah. "We used a lemonade mix and squeezed some lemons in it too." 

Their mother has skin cancer and bills at home have piled up due to medical costs.

So far Chloe and Noah have have raised thousands of dollars through donations. Their father Archie says he is "amazed" and "overly proud" of his children's accomplishments.

The stand is located at 9822 Woodland Court in Ypsilanti if you're interest in making a donation.

 Jorge Avellan is WEMU's community beat reporter. Contact : 734-487-2229,  javellan@emich.edu or on Twitter @WEMU891