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What's The Beef About Raising Beef? Cattle Can Have A Positive Impact On The Environment

Maybe you're aware (or maybe you're not) that burger you're having for lunch, or that steak you had for dinner could  impact the environment. I spoke to Nicolette Hahn Niman a rancher, lawyer, author, mother and University of Michigan law school graduate about her upcoming presentation about the "sustainability of beef" at Zingerman's on September 13th.

Hahn Niman says cattle operations  can have a positive impact on the environment, if they are properly managed, and urges people to change the way they think about raising animals.

The Earth has always had large numbers of grazing animals, and they play a key role in ensuring the ecosystem functions properly, but human activity and climate change have drastically lowered their populations in the wild.

Cattle can serve as a surrogate for disappearing  wild animals and help minimize the ecological impact of their loss.

See author Nicolette Hahn Niman  discuss sustainable agricultural practices at Zingerman’s Deli on Sunday, September 13 from 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Slow Food Huron Valley.

In her book "Defending Beef,"  Hahn Niman, discusses the benefits of beef, when it’s managed properly, and examines how it can improve biodiversity and help environmental sustainability.

 Lisa Barry is the host of All Things Considered on WEMU. Contact : 734-487-2229,  lisa@wemu.org or on Twitter @LisaWEMU 

Lisa Barry was a reporter, and host of All Things Considered on 89.1 WEMU.
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