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Meet The Staff - Jorge Avellan

When Jorge Avellan joined WEMU's staff he had never spent time working in public radio.  His background as a professional news man, however, impressed us enough to know that he'd do a great job for you.  What you've heard over the past few months is his commitment to news coming through in his reports.  Jorge loves telling the stories of our community, and when you support WEMU you support those efforts.  


Position:  I am a news reporter at WEMU and my stories air during Morning Edition and All Things Considered. 

Hometown: I was born in Nicaragua and grew up in San Francisco California from a very young age.  I was very lucky to grow up in such an exciting and cultured city like San Francisco. If you visit, make sure to take a sweater because it’s not as warm as you think it will be.      

Jorge went to the University of Miami. In Florida. Yes - that Miami.


College/University: University of Miami in Florida.  I never added Florida until I moved to Michigan and everyone asks Florida or Ohio?  Go Canes!

Majors: Broadcast Journalism and International Studies.  I started the first Spanish language news magazine show at the University of Miami in which I served as host and executive producer.  I was also part of the English produced shows as well.  The University of Miami REALLY prepared me for everything I have faced in the world of journalism.

Favorite WEMU show(s): I’m a news nerd so I have to say our news shows.  However, I do enjoy listening to our music shows especially with Linda Yohn and Michael Jewett.  I can still hear the music they played for Mardi Gras.   

What drew me to WEMU: I was a television news reporter for over a decade and then I had the opportunity to do radio so I took it.  I’ve always wanted to do radio and I don’t have to wear make-up everyday now.  

What I do daily at work: I look for stories that have the most impact on Washtenaw County and go with that. I’m fortunate that I get to speak and meet with so many interesting people in the area.  It’s always fun to learn about something new.

Favorite place to eat: I would have to say anywhere that has food. I love to eat!  I’m definitely a steak guy!

The one song that is stuck in my head: I enjoy anything that’s New Wave from the 80’s and of course Motown.  ABC by the Jackson 5 but it usually depends on what I listen to on a daily basis.  

The album I think people need to hear: Pies Descalzos by Shakira.  It was one of her first Spanish albums.  It’s fantastic and even if you don’t speak Spanish you will enjoy the music.

It's a Jorge Sphinx selfie.


Favorite vacation destination: Egypt. It’s so different and full of history.  Seeing the Pyramids of Giza both from the plane and on the ground was unbelievable.  If you ever get a chance you should go and climb inside the Great Pyramid.  Lot’s of steps but it’s worth it!   

The last film I saw:  Zoolander 2.  The first one was way funnier.  One of my favorite movies is Broadcast Journalism…I told you I’m a news nerd. 

Most memorable moment at WEMU thus far: I did a couple of stories on the Underground Railroad in Washtenaw County and I got to see where runaway slaves passed by.  I also learned about local residents who helped slaves find freedom in Canada.  I felt the history as I did the stories.

I love public radio because: It’s different.  You get stories that you usually don’t hear about on other stations.  It makes you say “that’s interesting.”  

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