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Decades Of Study Say Spanking Does More Harm Than Good

University of Michigan

To spank or not spank your children:  It's a debate that has gone on among parents for years, but there's a new study that weighs in heavily on one side.

After reviewing 5 decades of research, a University of Michigan study found no evidence that spanking does any good for children.

Andrew Grogan-Kaylor is an associate professor of social work at the University of Michigan and a co-author of the study.  "It's a risk for increased anxiety in kids and especially increased aggression in kids," Grogan-Kaylor says.

Grogan-Kaylor says when parents spank a child, they are modeling the exact aggression they are trying to eliminate.

The study also concluded that spanking comes with the same negative child outcomes as abuse just to a slightly lesser degree.

Click here for a map of how other countries deal with spanking.

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