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Art & Soul: The Art Of Better Living - The Benefits Of Self Awareness

University of Michigan

This week on Art and Soul, I am joined by University of Michigan professor Dr. Robert Pasick, who holds a PhD in psychology from Harvard University.

Dr. Pasick has written six books with the latest one on self awareness.  It's called "Self Aware-A Guide for Success in Work and Life."

He talks about how well do we know ourselves, how well do we know other people, and how do we manage ourselves and our relationships, including intimacy and one-on-one relationships.

Dr. Pasick talks about how well we manage our emotions, which is known as "emotional intelligence."

He says a lot of people are not exposed to emotional intelligence, only intellectual intelligence, and adds that a lot of people get their sense of identify from TV or a team they root for but don't know much about themselves.

He teaches life skills at U of M, where he encourages students to think about not just their business lives, but their personal lives and goals as well.

We learn many ideas when we're young that are irrational and dysfunctional, and he says it's your thinking that makes you miserable and how you interpret what happens to you, not just what happens to you.

He says how you think about the stuff that happens determines how well you're going to do in life and how happy you can be, and that perspective helps you see what is really going on.

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