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Ann Arbor Officials Reveal New Details In Next Deer Cull

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The City of Ann Arbor will roll out a deer cullonce again early next year to help control their population.  

As of now, 100 deer are expected to be killed during the cull and another 40-60 surgically sterilized.  Ann Arbor City Council member Chuck Warpehoski from the 5th ward says sterilization will be part of the cull this time after getting feedback from residents and because of restrictions.

"There are areas where we have evidence of the overpopulation where we cannot safely operate a cull. So, the nonlethal attempts will try to manage the herd in those areas."

Most of those areas are in the northeast side of town.  Details of when the cull will start and end and where exactly it will place have not been released.  The city expects to make the announcement on January 6th.  

Last year, 14 city parks and nature areas were used for the cull.  Warpehoski says some things will change.

"The goal this year is to reduce the impact of the cull on people, so there are maybe the same number of parks where culling takes place. But, the amount of closure and disruption is going to be significantly reduced."

This time around, the city will use the services of a nonprofit group called White Buffalo because, unlike the previous contractor, they offer sterilization services.  For the entire deer management program, the city will spend over $200,000.

Tanya Hilgendorf says it's a waste of money and should be used on more important projects in Ann Arbor.  She's the president of theHumane Society of Huron Valley and opposes the cull.

"We recently saw a bright, beautiful teenager be killed right next to Huron High because of a failure to fix a dangerous crosswalk, and they said that was because of money. And I want people to know that right next to that crosswalk is a park where we spent money to kill deer to protect people's gardens."

Rifles and dart guns will be used for the cull.

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— Jorge Avellan is a reporter for 89.1 WEMU News.  Contact him at 734.487.3363 or email him javellan@emich.edu

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