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Candidate Info: Judy Pritchett, State Board of Education

WEMU offered the opportunity for any candidate appearing on a ballot in Washtenaw County in the 2018 general election to submit a campaign message directly to our audience. Judy Pritchett is running for State Board of Education as an Democrat.  What follows are the audio and remarks the candidate wanted to share with you.

My name is Dr. Judith Pritchett.  I am seeking your support on November 6 to be elected to the Michigan State Board of Education.  I come you today with over 25 years experience in public schools in Michigan. I have served both small and large school districts as a teacher, building administrator, central office administrator and Superintendent.   Prior to my retirement in 2017 I served for 9 years at the ISD level as Chief Academic Office for the Macomb Intermediate School District. I have, over the years, been actively involved in policy decisions working with districts facing challenges from high poverty and low achievement to financial difficulties.  

I am passionate about public education and believe it is the great equalizer for everyone.  I believe the purpose of education is to provide equitable educational opportunities for all students.  I believe that educators deserve support and respect in our public school classrooms and we need to improve academic achievement in Michigan for all students.  

That means when children enter the school house door they are treated the same and provided the resources they need to succeed.  It means students and staff are learning in safe and well-maintained buildings. We have an obligation to our future – the children in the state of Michigan - to find solutions to our financial and achievement issues with common sense focused policies.  Not policies that use punishment as a solution. Using the threat of closing a community school will only cause chaos – instead let’s work together as members of the community and support those schools experiencing achievement or financial issues. CEOs and Emergency Managers don’t work…..the community of parents, business people, Intermediate School Districts, Michigan Department of Education and local government officials working alongside the leadership of the school will make the difference.  It takes time – it takes intense support for each child – we know that public schools are the center of the community and the neighborhood – they always have been. We need to make sure they always will be.

I pledge to you my commitment to every child in this state and to every parent and caregiver – I will research every decision before the State Board of Education; seek out the views of individuals who will be affected by these decisions and will with all of my energy and ability work together with all of you to make Michigan’s schools the best for our children and grandchildren.  Please support me, Judith P. Pritchett for Michigan State Board of Education.