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A Message From David Fair

I've been working in news since since 1989. Every one of those 31 years in radio have been spent in Washtenaw County, 26 of them here at 89.1 WEMU. Never... and I mean never...have we had a year like 2020 and we're only half-way through. Never has LOCAL radio been so important. We have a lot to talk about in the months and years ahead but we are in the midst of massive change. It is my mission to have those conversations and to help bring you the information you can use to help guide those changes in your homes, neighborhoods and communities. The scope of that mission is largely determined by you. 


As a listener supported public radio station it is through your donations, comments and interactions we set forth the news agenda. As we undertake the reshaping of our community values and seek true justice and equality, we do so at one of the most difficult economic times in our history. In all of my time at WEMU, we've never had a smaller staff. We've cut to the bone including the loss of two more full-time staffers since Coronavirus hit. There is nowhere left to cut without taking away the local voices that inform and entertain.


The WEMU fiscal year ends in a matter of days. If having a reliable, local outlet for the voices of our community is of value today, make a donation The investment you make today is what we use to make the stories of tomorrow and beyond. You make what we do possible. Live and local is where you'll find my heart. And it all starts with you.