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Washtenaw County Trying To Identify Best Ways To Enforce COVID-19 Guidelines At Local Businesses

Washtenaw County

The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners has asked its corporate counsel to determine what authority the county has in making sure businesses comply with COVID-19 guidelines.  

The board made the request after local food service industry employees expressed concerns over a lack of oversight when it comes to making sure customers wear masks, respect social distancing guidelines, and that business owners comply with overall COVID-19 safety measures.  Commissioner Andy LaBarre says a lack of resources in the county could be an issue. 

Commissioner LaBarre: You have hundreds of bars and restaurants in Washtenaw County alone. So, it’s not something that we can have a public health employee on hand to enforce this in person.

LaBarre says the county is also trying to determine to what degree they can intervene in a private commercial transaction between a business and a customer while trying to protect human health.

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