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Public Radio Music Day

WEMU is celebrating Public Radio Music Day April 16th!


WEMU is dedicated to invigorating and connecting the area music scene.  Before COVID-19 precautions (and certainly after), WEMU presented live music at our monthly 5:01 Jazz shows, our donor Jazz Brunches, and our big Blues Barbecue every year.  You hear music from local musicians every day, seven days a week on WEMU.  


And we support the national artists that come to town, presented by UMS, The Ann Arbor Summer Festival, the Michigan Theater, The Ark, and the Blue LLama Jazz Club, just to name a few.  We play the music, talk to the artists, and often give tickets away so you can enjoy the music too.  


It's not by accident that we have a brilliant music scene in our community.  It's fostered by a public radio station that is dedicated and devoted to fostering this relationship and then sharing it with you.


WEMU's participation in Public Radio Music Day is to help foster a better understanding that we’re one station in a network of public radio stations with shared values and championing music locally and nationally. A network of 734 local public radio music stations serve communities across America, reaching a collective 20.5 million listeners weekly.  On air, online, on video, on stage, and on-the-go, these local stations provide a platform for innovative music programming.  


We celebrate genres heard only on public radio, from classical to jazz to the bluegrass, rock, alt-country, and other regional and eclectic sounds of Triple A.  From knowledgeable local hosts and expert curation to educational programs and community initiatives, local public radio music stations play an essential and often singular role in boosting artists and music discovery and in educating and enriching communities.


WEMU is able to serve as a public radio music station because of you and your support.  Please help us keep that support strong and sustainable by making a financial gift today in honor of Public Radio Music Day.


Thank you.