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In Memory Of Lisa Barry

Dear WEMU Friends:
Due to the unexpected death of our dear colleague and friend, Lisa Barry, today's 5:01 Jazz show has been canceled.  We hope to present the Paul Keller ensemble in tribute to Lisa at our January 7 show.

Thank you for understanding.
Lisa was a seasoned journalist and award-winning broadcaster with a rich and rewarding career but she was so much more than that to us at WEMU.

Lisa was the heartbeat of WEMU.  Her positive attitude and vibrant personality were her trademark and were well known to all who had the good fortune to cross paths with her.
She was a beacon of joy in our community, not only the community of WEMU listeners but the community at large.

Lisa made her name and mark in the Detroit commercial radio market but chose to leave that world for public broadcasting because she believed passionately in the fairness and balance that is the hallmark of our industry. She loved telling the stories of our community.
For the past three days we have been hearing from our family of listeners, industry colleagues, public figures, and our WEMU listeners.  A great light has gone out at WEMU and things will never be the same.

More than anything, Lisa believed in being kind to each other and all of us on #teamWEMU will do our best to live up to that legacy every day.
Lisa had one funny quirk that used to bother me.  At the end of her work day, no matter who was around, she just picked up her things and left with no parting words.

I finally asked her about it one day; why she always just get up and leave and she said "I don't believe in saying good bye."
So, we will not say good bye to Lisa; not now, not ever.  Her spirit lives on; in our studios, in our community, and in our hearts.
With sympathy,
Molly Motherwell
General Manager