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November 7th Elections, Washtenaw County: Ballot Proposals

Scio Township voters have rejected two millages requests that would have expanded firefighting services. The capital question requested .75 mills over 20 years to build a new fire station and properly equip the facility. A second question was a 10-year operational to a maximum of 3.75 mills. That will have allowed the Scio Township Fire Department to fully staff that new station. The Capitol proposal went down to defeat with just over 66-percent of voters saying “no”. Over 65-percent said no to the operating question.

Tuesday’s election day has resulted in the creation of the 7th city in Washtenaw County. Voters in the Village of Manchester overwhelmingly approved a city charter. Nearly 63-percent of votes cast favored the change. The village of Manchester has been a sub-unit of Manchester Township. Now, it will no longer pay township taxes and will consolidate a number of local services.

Manchester Township voters had a ballot question of their own to decide. Nearly 78-percent of voters favored renewing a .65-mill tax to fund fire protection services. The five-year measure is expected to raise over 160-thousand dollars this year. It will be collected through 2027.

In Milan, a library renewal millage passed with over 77-percent approval. The seven-year, .23-mill tax will help fund operations, maintenance and equipment purchases and upgrades. 2024 will be the first year of collection and it is expected to raise about 49-thousand-dollars.

There were two school districts in Washtenaw County with questions before voters on Tuesday:

The Lincoln Consolidated School District won approval for a 10-year, 18-mill operational renewal by nearly a thousand votes out of more than four-thousand cast. Renewal of a five-year, nearly one-mill tax for public recreation and playgrounds won by more than a thousand votes.

Manchester Community Schools got the thumbs up from voters on a nearly 65-million-dollar bond issue, but it was a narrow victory. Unofficial results show 1,064 favored the plan while 997 voted against. The generated funds will be used for infrastructure and classroom upgrades for the entire district.

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