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Snyder continues to press Obama on Detroit immigration plan

Paul Sancya/AP

  Governor Rick Snyder says he is eager to get a decision from the federal government on his plan to boost immigration in Detroit.

Snyder says increasing the number of highly-skilled immigrants in Detroit would be an “economic boom” for the city, and that the plan could serve as a model for helping struggling cities without having to commit to a financial bailout.

He says those immigrants are proven job creators. 

“Give us 50,000 visas over five years and have the people agree to live and work in Detroit for five years,” Snyder said in front of a Manhattan Institute policy forum Monday in New York City. 

“That would jumpstart the return of Detroit in some incredibly constructive fashion.”

It is unclear what would need to happen to get the plan approved. The governor says he hopes it doesn’t require Congress to act.

“I hope (President Obama) can just do this by executive order because I’m ready to go,” he said.

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