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Michael Jewett

Operations Manager & Host

Michael Jewett is the long-time host of 89.1 Jazz every weekday afternoon.  Besides his on-air work; Michael is WEMU’s Operations Manager. Mr. Jewett started working for WEMU in 1983. He’s been on the air longer than any other current WEMU music host.
As you might imagine; Michael has a pretty large personal music collection. Most of those titles are jazz & blues, but there is also a fair amount of rock, soul, & reggae plus some hip-hop and the odd classical title. “I’ve no idea how many discs I own….thousands of records…I have my own filling system; but occasionally I have trouble locating a title. ”

A happy & devoted family guy; Michael shares a home with a marvelous wife, dynamic step-daughter, a pair of Shih tzu’s and three cats that don’t quite get along. Michael likes to cook but not clean. Taking the dogs for morning, evening and late-night walks is a routine highlight of Michael’s day.

Michael is a board game player/enthusiast. In the past few years he’s reawakened an interest in comic books and graphic novels. He also enjoys film and quality television dramas.

Contact Michael: mjewett1@emich.edu