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Michael Jewett

Operations Manager & Host

 Michael Jewett is the long-time host of 89.1 Jazz every weekday afternoon.  Besides his on-air work; Michael is WEMU’s Operations Manager. Mr. Jewett started working for WEMU in 1983. He’s been on the air longer than any other current WEMU music host. 

As you might imagine; Michael has a pretty large personal music collection. Most of those titles are jazz & blues, but there is also a fair amount of rock, soul, & reggae plus some hip-hop and the odd classical title. “I’ve no idea how many discs I own….thousands of records…I have my own filling system; but occasionally I have trouble locating a title. ”

A happy & devoted family guy; Michael shares a home with a marvelous wife, dynamic step-daughter, a pair of Shih tzu’s and three cats that don’t quite get along. Michael likes to cook but not clean. Taking the dogs for morning, evening and late-night walks is a routine highlight of Michael’s day.

Michael is a board game player/enthusiast. In the past few years he’s reawakened an interest in comic books and graphic novels. He also enjoys film and quality television dramas.

Ways to Connect

Ann Arbor Summer Festival
Courtesy Ann Arbor Summer Festival / Mayra Klarman

Mike Michelon, Executive Director of The Ann Arbor Summer Festival made a stop by the WEMU studio to discuss the 2018 Ann Arbor Summer and talk about all bringing all the Ann Arbor favorites together with some fresh surprises and spectacle.

Michigan Theater
Wikipedia Media Commons / wikipedia.org


In this week's "Cinema Chat," WEMU's Patrick Campion sits down with Michigan Theater Foundation digital media specialist Nick Alderink to talk about the latest movie news and all of the new films coming to the silver screen this weekend.  Plus, WEMU's own Michael Jewett drops in to share his excitement about a certain Marvel Studios blockbuster! 

"The Feeling of Jazz" is a beautiful Duke Ellington piece the composer debuted on his classic collaboration with saxophone giant John Coltrane. That track and more than a few others come to mind as I ponder the retirement of WEMU Music Director Linda Yohn. This is not so much because I know Linda digs the tune; but rather that the sentiment captures what motivates and defines her.

Season 10 of NBC's "The Voice" brought Ann Arbor bluesman, singer, and guitarist, Laith Al-Saadi into the national spotlight over the past few weeks. True to his 2013 record "Real," Laith brought a welcome change to the program as part of Adam Levine's team with his gritty, raw vocals, and guitar that landed him a top spot as a finalist on the show. While he took 4th place in the contest,  he'll still bring home the bragging rights as a top-notch blues artist and instrumentalist.

Marilyn Gouin / 89.1 WEMU

Mr. B (Mark Braun) visits the 89.1 WEMU studios to perform with special guests, Lila Ammons & Axel Zwingenberger ahead of their Blues and Boogie Celebration at the Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan this weekend.