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Music News from WEMU
  • "Sonic Contributions: Honoring the Past, Present, and Future of the African American Community in Ypsilanti, MI"
    University Musical Society
    The University Musical Society is bringing Detroit-based saxophonist Marcus Elliot and his seven-piece band to Ypsilanti this weekend. His upcoming concerts will be a celebration of Ypsilanti's history of being a refuge for Black Americans going all the way back to the 1830's. Elliot gives a preview of his performance in a conversation with WEMU's Michael Jewett.
  • Cuban Fantasy host Marc Taras in the WEMU studio.
    David Fair
    89.1 WEMU
    For 29 years, our own Marc Taras has been on the air at WEMU. For the last 20, he has been the host of "Cuban Fantasy" on Saturday nights. This weekend will mark the final installment of this long-running program as Marc hangs up the headphones. Marc joined Morning Edition host David Fair to share reflections and musings from his nearly three-decade long run on the WEMU airwaves.