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Uneventful State-wide Ballot On Tuesday Expected To Impact Turnout

Voting booths

Low turnout likely with no marquee statewide race 

A lack of contested statewide races at the top of Michigan's primary ballot means turnout will be low - possibly extremely low.

The anemic voter participation could add another layer of uncertainty to U.S. House and legislative races across the state.
For what is thought to be the first time in Michigan history, Republican and Democratic primaries for both governor and U.S. Senate in the same year are uncontested. The lowest statewide turnout for an August primary in recent memory was 1990, when 1 million people cast a ballot. 
Some political consultants won't be surprised if fewer than 1 million voters participate in Tuesday's election. Candidates are doing everything in their power to identify typical primary voters and persuade them to vote in the final days before the election.