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VIDEO: Esperanza Spalding on the Importance of Supporting Public Radio Stations like WEMU

"Without Public Radio there is no music" -Esperanza Spalding


How does someone “preserve” jazz? The easy answer comes by drawing a comparison. WEMU preserves jazz in the same way an art museum preserves art. The same way that the public library preserves books.
We play it. We put it on the air in all its forms. And we talk about jazz traditions, styles, and performers in the same way an art museum talks about minimalism and cubism. We inform. We educate. We teach kids. We present concerts.
WEMU is more than just a radio station. When you get right down to it, we’re an arts organization. So when you contribute- you’re paying for the jazz you love. And you’re helping to preserve the jazz you love for a new generation of listeners.

Call 1-888-299-8910 or click donate above now and make your gift. 

Jessica has been a record store clerk, a Denny’s waitress, a newspaper reporter, a science writer, a mom, a higher education communicator, a radio host and (and one time) one of the most powerful people in the jazz industry.
Patrik is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and functions as the New Media/Social Media manager for 89.1 WEMU.
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