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Sesi Motors 5:01 Jazz: Sheila Landis At Rush Street

Sheila Landsis

Friday, February 5th 89.1 WEMU is proud to present The Sheila Landis Quartet at The Rush Street Nightclub for our next free Sesi Motors 5:01 Jazz show.  Although it has been  a while since Sheila performed at one of our shows, she has a long and rich history with WEMU.  Sheila discovered her passion for jazz singing in 1973 and has been a stalwart of Detroit jazz since the 1970s.  

A Seven time recipient of the Outstanding Jazz Vocalist from the Detroit Music Awards, Sheila Landis was on the Frog Island Music Festival and WEMU Art Fair Stage line-ups in the 1980s and ‘90s. 

One of Sheila Landis’ favorite songs is the Brazilian classic “Agua De Beber” by Antonio Carlos Jobim.  Translated from Portuguese it means “drinkable or potable water”.  

In light of the water crisis in Flint, WEMU will accept donations of bottled water from concerned listeners at the 5:01 Jazz show. Bring a case, a six-pack, or even large bottles to Rush Street with you.

  There’s plenty of space!  We’ll bring the water back to the EMU campus for distribution in Flint.

We’ll make sure Sheila includes the classic “Agua De Beber” in her 5:01 song list. 

Ms. Landis is a prolific recording artist – forming her own record label, SheLan Records in the early 1980s when such an undertaking was quite uncommon for a young woman.  Through her career Sheila has also helped other young musicians and singers as a mentor, teacher and respected clinician.  One of the musicians accompanying Sheila studied with Sheila as a teenager: drummer Karen Tomalis.  Sheila’s quartet will also include her husband, guitarist Rick Matle and bassist Kurt Krahnke.

If you’re fond of classic love songs, beautiful Brazilian melodies and creative vocal improvisation, you’ll enjoy The Sheila Landis Quartet.  Sheila’s Valentine’s Day show will echo three great voices of music:  Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and Antonio Carlos Jobim.  As with all 5:01 Jazz shows, it is free, open to all.  WEMU presents the happy-hour concerts in memory of Dr. Jan Winkelman, our first major donor and community champion.  See you at 5:01 Jazz on Friday, February 5th at Rush Street Nightclub. 314 South Main Street in Ann Arbor.