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Meet The Staff - Patrik Holubik

Patrik Holubik

WEMU lives in a digital world.  Laptops, smartphones, connected cars, oh my!  We're firmly committed to making our content available wherever you may roam on the information superhighway, and that takes people like Patrik to make it all "work."  When you support WEMU, you're helping us to bring what we do to a worldwide audience, 24/7.  


What is your position at WEMU:

I’m the New Media Coordinator at WEMU. 
Basically, I lurk in the shadows like a ninja*. (*Disclaimer: My kindergarten Tae Kwon Do classes apparently do not qualify me as a martial arts expert.)

Where is your hometown:

I was born in Crownepointe, IN. Grew up in the “Tri-Cities” of Michigan and spent summers and a full year or two in Richmond, VA. 
(By the way, that’s actually Bay City, Saginaw, Midland for you others trying to claim the title of  THE Tri-cities.)

Where did you attend college / What was your major:

I didn’t really have a connection to a community or have a place I considered a “home” until I moved to Ypsilanti in 2006 to attend Eastern Michigan University. Here is where I’ve made my home.

I made my way through school studying graphic communication, arts administration, broadcasting, and film. It turns out that my dream of being a skilled “producer” required a lot of knowledge of business, fine art, and technical processes. So, it took a bit more than the traditional 4 years to complete my studies.

What are your favorite WEMU shows:

That’s obviously a trick question. There’s so much great stuff here. But, the big draw to WEMU for me initially was Cinema Chat because I was a film/broadcasting student at EMU and I loved how much fun Russ and David have chopping it up, and it keeps me up to date with what’s going on in Hollywood and downtown. I later discovered Blues Time with Michael Jewett, and all the great jazz from Linda, Jessica, and Marc. Every day I’m learning more and more with WEMU & NPR.

How did you come to WEMU:

I’ve always been drawn to solving problems, so you could say my passion and curiosity for helping people create, become better informed, and my ability to learn quickly has drawn me to public radio, particularly at WEMU. 

I started at WEMU as a volunteer for a year or two as a student and later become a librarian and producer with Linda Yohn in the mornings. I also helped produce Cuban Fantasy with Marc Taras, and the former Brazilian Sol with Mary Catherine Smith. I’ve always had a passion for music and being involved in creative expression. But, it turns out one of the biggest opportunities for improvement was our with digital presence, so I’ve gravitated towards the technical end of supporting the operations. 

Along with compiling our newsletters and working with our website and social media, you’ll find me setting up events, running the sound, and generally helping out wherever I’m needed. The flexibility and constant change is one of my favorite parts of the job (there's so many).

The Northside Grill's "Morning Eggdition" is my go-to Ann Arbor restaurant breakfast.

What are your "go to" restaurants:

I’d have to say the Northside Grill and La Casita (on Washtenaw) are the go to spots when I have out of town guests. I go out in the evenings a bit, so I try to change it up as there’s always something new to explore. For a date or night out with friends, it’s Bab’s Underground, Isalita, or the Wurst Bar to start the evening off.

Do you have a song stuck in your head:

Right now, it’s a hip hop track by Atmosphere’s “The Things that Hate Us.” The song I’ve got on repeat lately is Leon Bridge’s “Better Man.” I’ll never get enough of the Saul William’s “Untimely Meditations.”

What album(s) should everyone listen to at least once:

The albums that really inspired me into the “adult” that I am is would be Rage Against The Machine’s "Battle of Los Angeles", and the ever popular "White Album" by The Beatles. They both really influenced me to question more as a teenager. I found that there’s a whole world of consciousness out there.  Currently, my favorites are a mixture of Leon Bridge’s “Coming Home,” and Atmosphere’s  “When life Gives you Lemons, You Paint That s*** Gold,” and Minus the Bear’s “Menos El Oso.” I recently saw that entire album performed live at St. Andrews in Detroit, and it was spectacular.

Where do you love to shop:
Lucky’s and the Kerrytown markets are good for groceries. But realistically, I eat out way too often. Believe it or not, I frequent the Apple Store for gadgets and technology quite a bit.

Patrik's Salvadorian host family, along with EMU alum, Roshaun Harris.

Where are your favorite vacation destinations:

The most impactful trip I ever made was with the university to Central America with a delegation of students, faculty and administrators.The time I spent with the people of El Salvador was the most enriching and inspiring experience I’ve ever had. The "guerrilla radio" stations really made an impact on me and are partly to blame for my passion for public broadcasting.

My last vacation was a nice weekend trip to Traverse City. I have my sights set on a trip to Nashville or Austin for my next vacation. You should join me! 

Sleeping Bear Dunes, in the Traverse Bay area.

Whom do you follow on social media:

George Takei, NPR, Vice, and a group called "Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Memes” are my social media dailies. 

What was the last movie you watched:
Spotlight. Sensitive subject for many, but really great focus on the the process required to put out well researched, data driven stories.

WEMU's Marilyn, Patrik, & Jeremy Baldwin, at the A2Y Chamber Breakfast.

Do you have a favorite WEMU memory:

I love our events. Being active in the community with WEMU whether it be with the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, the University Musical Society, the Ann Arbor- Ypsilanti Chamber or our monthly 5:01 jazz series at Rush Street - these are the best parts about the job.

Why do you love public broadcasting:

In short, because it’s so much more personal than it is prescriptive. It’s inclusive, more reflective of our community & nation, and focused on people over profits. It deserves your support and feedback to keep it working for you.

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— Patrik Holubik is the WEMU New Media Coordinator and social media producer for 89.1 WEMU. Contact him at 734.487.3363, on twitter @PatrikHolubik or email him pholubik@wemu.org