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Lisa Barry is a reporter, and host of All Things Considered on 89.1 WEMU. Contact her at 734.487.3363, on twitter @LisaWEMU, or email her

Most recently a reporter with Detroit’s WJR-AM, Lisa Barry is a lifelong metro Detroiter with a wealth of broadcast experience.  She began her career covering the Michigan Governor’s Office and State Capitol in Lansing and continued on to stints with Detroit stations WXYT and WNIC in addition to WJR.  She is a seasoned interviewer whose resume includes conversations with U.S. Presidents, celebrities, and medical professionals.  Lisa has won numerous awards; among them the prestigious ‘Outstanding Woman in Communications,’ bestowed annually by the American Women in Radio and TV Association of Metro Detroit.

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Melissa Borja
Patricia Burmicky

In addition to everything else going on in the world right now, there is increasing attention to the nearly 4,000 anti-Asian racist incidents, mostly against women, that have occurred in the past year.

University of Michigan assistant professor and anti-Asian racism researcher Dr. Melissa May Borja talks with WEMU's Lisa Barry about her findings and what it has been like personally for her and her family especially over the past year.

Jason Morgan / Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners

There will be a special flag-raising ceremony outside the Washtenaw County administration building to recognize the Transgender Day of Visibility.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Washtenaw County commissioner Jason Morgan about that.

Eastern Michigan University
Dr. Jessie Kimbrough-Marshall / Eastern Michigan University

Michigan public health expert and recently appointed Eastern Michigan University regent Jessie Kimbrough-Marshall is working with the University's Family Empowerment Program to make sure residents understand the benefits of being vaccinated for the COVID-19 virus.

Lisa Barry talks with Dr. Kimbrough-Marshall about her recent efforts in area neighborhoods and an online webinar to continue the discussion virtually.

State of Michigan /

It was just over a year ago that residents of Michigan were told to “stay home...stay safe” by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, otherwise referred to as “lockdown” by some people due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lisa Barry talks with Ann Arbor city administrator Tom Crawford to find out what impact that has had on the city and what else has been going on in City Hall as work continues, despite the global health crisis.

Bob Phillips
On Tour Records /

This week, "Art and Soul" is about the performance arts.  Lisa Barry talks with Michigan comedian Bob Phillips about what it has been like for a comedian during this past year of the pandemic.

Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels

This week, our "On The Ground Ypsi" conversation is about a nearly $2 million gift made to six different Ypsilanti groups and what that means to them.  Lisa Barry and On the Ground Ypsi project manager Sarah Rigg talk with Alison Foreman, executive director of Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels, which was one of the local groups to receive the money.  She shares what they plan to do with the gift and the impact it will have on the community.

PxHere /

The rate of COVID-19 cases across Michigan has been trending upward recently, and while many people are getting the vaccine, not everyone is on board with the idea.

Lisa Barry talks with Michigan Medicine infectious disease specialist Dr. Sandro Cinti for an update on where we are in the pandemic process and what medical professionals have learned in the past year of this global health crisis.

WonderFool Productions /

The annual FoolMoon public art and lighting event held in Ann Arbor had to pivot to an online experience last year, shortly after the start of the pandemic.  This year, it is "re-imagined" with an outdoor component meant to support local businesses with the theme "Shine Your Light A2."

Lisa Barry talks with event executive director Jennifer Goulet about what is planned for this year's FoolMoon event.

Michigan Medicine /

This week, "Art and Soul" is about the art of well being.  Lisa Barry talks with Dr. Tony King, an Ann Arbor psychologist, University of Michigan assistant professor of psychiatry, and researcher into several different mindfulness approaches and practices, about dealing with stress and anxiety, which has increased due to the last year in the pandemic.

Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation /

This week, "Art and Soul" is about the visual arts in our community.  WEMU's Lisa Barry is joined by state and local arts leader Omari Rush and Amina Iqbal of the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation to talk about the art opportunities provided by the foundation and what new opportunities lie ahead as we emerge from the past year in a pandemic.

Ann Arbor Summer Festival
Lisa Barry / 89.1 WEMU

Because most performance events must be planned well in advance, there will be no Top Of The Park events or indoor concerts as part of the Ann Arbor Summer Festival for the second year in a row, due to the ongoing pandemic.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Summer Festival executive director Mike Michelon, who says they are planning to have some events to keep the spirit of the festival alive.

Gretchen Whitmer
Governor Gretchen Whitmer /

March 10th is the one-year anniversary of the first cases of COVID-19 being diagnosed in Michigan.  WEMU's Lisa Barry talked with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer about a special remembrance planned for that night and what it's been like for her to lead the state through this global health crisis over the past year.


Doug Coombe / Concentrate Media

This week, "On The Ground Ypsi" is about several local gardening operations that encourage Ypsilanti residents to build resiliency in themselves and their community with the creation of gardens which help provide alternative food systems.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with On the Ground Ypsi project manager Sarah Rigg and Bee Ayer, director of programs for Ypsilanti's Growing Hope, about their class for this coming spring and summer.

It’s been a busy week for Washtenaw County state lawmakers in Lansing with thousands of extra vaccines being offered to the county and the annual call to an end Daylight Saving Time.

Washtenaw County is one of nearly two dozen Michigan communities to be awarded hundreds of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to help enhance the state's vaccine equity strategy, according to state senator Jeff Irwin.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with the state senator about that and the approaching resumption of Daylight Saving Time, which he opposes.

Marjorie Reade and Susan Wineberg

Monday, March 8, 2021 is being observed as International Women’s Day, part of Women’s History Month celebrating the vital role of women in American history.  WEMU’s Lisa Barry talks with Ann Arbor historian, author, and teacher Patti Smith about three women--all named Mary--who played a vital role in the history of Ann Arbor dating back to the 1800’s.

York Food & Drink
The York Team / York Food & Drink

Even though his great-grandmother died in the flu pandemic of 1918 and his great-grandfather warned him it could happen again, the owner of "York Food and Drink" on Packard in Ann Arbor, Tommy York, said he didn't believe that would ever happen.

And now, here he is in the pandemic that began in 2020, doing his best to stay in business and keep the community fed and connected.  WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with York in this week's "Art and Soul" about how he has done that and his gratitude for all the community collaboration and customer support.

Payal Patel
Michigan Medicine / Facebook

Michigan Medicine infectious disease specialist Dr. Payal Patel remembers exactly what was happening one year ago as the coronavirus pandemic was beginning.  She was just returning to work from maternity leave and recalls how stressful it was as they made the necessary preparations to deal with what was yet to come.

WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Dr. Patel about the impact of the pandemic on local health care providers and medical facilities and explains the differences in the now three available vaccines.

All one year later, since the pandemic began.

TuneIn /

University of Michigan law professor and former US Attorney in the Eastern District of Michigan Barbara McQuade recently wrapped up her time as part of the Joe Biden presidential transition team.  She talks with WEMU's Lisa Barry about that, and the frequent NBC and MSNBC legal analyst also shares information about her new podcast and her reaction to recent events at the US Capitol.  

Doug Coombe / Concentrate Media

Sometimes, getting teenagers to share what is on their minds is not that easy.  But in this week's "On The Ground Ypsi," Lisa Barry and Sarah Rigg talk with Gail Wolkoff, executive director of "Educate Youth" in Ypsilanti, about a book of poetry written by local students.  The students were encouraged to express their thoughts and feelings about the pandemic and other world events in poetry, which was put together as a booklet called "Spiritual Warriors."

Pete Siers
Pete Siers /

Even though most in-person musical performances have been paused during the coronavirus pandemic, many local musicians are still staying busy.  Lisa Barry talks with Ann Arbor percussionist Pete Siers, who has found joy from performing in his neighborhood park to co-creating with other local musicians and planning more musical performances once the pandemic is over.

Myra Klarman

From outdoor museum tours to indoor Zoom art creations, there will be a number of opportunities provided by what is being called "UMMA + Chill."  WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Mark Tucker, founder and creative director of FestiFools and FoolMoon, about what he will be doing as part of the University of Michigan Museum of Art event.

The Diamond Approach /

There are many different ways to approach well being and living a mindful, well-balanced life.  The Diamond Approach is one of those ways that helps you connect with your true nature.  WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Lou Weir, an Ann Arbor teacher of the Diamond Approach, about the personal practice designed to connect us with our more authentic, essential selves.

Shutterstock /

Calling it "the second greatest, most significant contagious crisis in recent history," physician, professor, author, and director for the Center For The History of Medicine at the University of Michigan Dr. Howard Markel talks with WEMU's Lisa Barry.  He shares his perspective on where we are now in the pandemic compared to previous pandemics and how he sees it ending.

Doug Coombe / Concentrate Media

Even though we're swimming in snow right now, plans are underway for the upcoming outdoor pool season and the reopening of Ypsilanti's refurbished Rutherford community pool.  That's the focus of this week's "On the Ground Ypsi" online article, and WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Sarah Rigg and Friends of the Rutherford Pool chair Jessica Faul about recent upgrades and looking forward to reopening. 

Ari Weinzweig / Zingerman's

The co-founding partner of Ann Arbor's Zingerman's restaurants and community of businesses, Ari Weinzweig, is also a local thought leader and writer of many books and pamphlets.  His latest pamphlet is called "Working Through Hard Times: Life and Leadership Learnings from 2020."  WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with Weinzweig about why he wrote the pamphlet and what lessons are there to be learned both personally and professionally from what we've experienced from the COVID-19 pandemic so far.  

Ann Arbor Public Schools /

Despite calls for the resumption of in-person learning in the Ann Arbor public school district during the ongoing pandemic and a March 1st recommendation to do so by the Governor, there is still no date set for that to happen in the district.  WEMU’s Lisa Barry talks with Ann Arbor Public Schools superintendent Dr. Jeanice Swift about her current thoughts and plans for the district.

Penny Stamps Speaker Series /

This week, "Art and Soul" is about the visual arts.  Lisa Barry, along with state and local arts leader Omari Rush, talk with Chrisstina Hamilton, director of the Penny Stamps Speaker Series at the University of Michigan.

Doug Coombe / Concentrate Media

In this week's "On The Ground Ypsi," Lisa Barry and Sarah Rigg talk to Ypsilanti business owner Julie Palmer about a Washtenaw Community College program called "Renew Your Business."   It helps entrepreneurs in the Ypsilanti area thrive despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

David McClister

The husband-and-wife singing duo Michael Trotter Jr. and Tanya Blount Trotter bring their passion for life to their music.  WEMU’s Lisa Barry talks with them about the ups and downs they’ve experienced in their career and in a pandemic since the release of their sophomore studio album, "Hearts Town."

Washtenaw County Democratic Party /

"The Racial Roots of Vaccine Skepticism" is what an upcoming virtual roundtable discussion involving several state and local lawmakers is being called.  WEMU's Lisa Barry talks with State Senator Jeff Irwin and Charles Wilson from the Washtenaw County Health Department about the planned community conversation on the racial roots of vaccine skepticism as part of Black History Month.