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5:01 Jazz: Ramona Collins Offers A Touch Of Valentine's Sweetness At Rush Street Tonight

Jan 24, 2017

No one is more lively and in-person as a singer and entertainer than Ramona Collins.  It is great to bring Ramona back again for 5:01 Jazz – especially in February for Black History Month and for a touch of Valentine’s Day sweetness.  

 Ramona Collins is based in Toledo, Ohio but she belongs to Michigan, too.  Many of today’s finest players made the drive from Ann Arbor or Detroit to learn their craft from Ramona.  Drummer Sean Dobbins is among the throng of singers and instrumentalists who call Ramona Collins a mentor.  Ramona Collins is simply a natural entertainer with a great voice, presence and the ability to connect with listeners through story-telling, sincere emotion, love, and laughter.  

Ramona shared some thoughts on the 5:01 Jazz show and our local jazz community. 

I am so excited and happy to be performing at WEMU's 5:01 Jazz Show on Friday, February Third.  It's been a long time since I performed in Ann Arbor, and the band and I are looking forward to the show. You can't ask for better musical support than Cliff Monear on piano, Jordan Schug on bass and Sean Dobbins on drums. I’ve got mad love for Ann Arbor ever since the days when I was in the regular rotation of singers who performed at the Ashley Street and Main Street locations of the Bird of Paradise. What great times we had! I have also had the pleasure of performing several times at Vincent York's Jazzistry 'Rent Party" fundraisers at the EMU Student Center Ballroom and I was just listening to a recording of the Ypsilanti Jazz Festival set I did way back in the day.  We are going to have a great time at the 5:01 show, and I can hardly wait! It's great to be back.

Ramona Collins has a long-time jazz love affair with Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and WEMU.  Along with Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, Ramona Collins is a great 5:01 Jazz choice as WEMU’s 40 Years of Jazz celebration ramps up.

WEMU is more than albums, CDs, audio boards, microphones, and technology.   We are about taking the music to you live and in-person.  That is why we present the free Sesi Motors 5:01 Jazz Shows on the first Friday in October through May.  

5:01 Jazz is presented with support from Sesi Motors and in memory of Dr. Jan Winkelman, WEMU’s first major donor and community champion.  Celebrate with WEMU and your friends on Friday, February Third at Rush Street Nightclub, 314 South Main Street in Ann Arbor.   Like 89.1 WEMU on Facebook and follow us on Twitter


— Linda Yohn is the WEMU Music Director, and host of 89.1 Jazz Contact her on twitter @LindaYohn or email her at studio@wemu.org