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The Calming Voice of a Radio Personality

Oct 6, 2020

The following comes from an article written by Bob McCurdy for Radio Ink, an industry publication:

"In times of stress and distress, people congregate to the familiar. When the going gets tough, people turn to radio and its personalities seeking familiar voices that convey a sense of normalcy and stability, that all is OK, or will be OK.


In many cases, the radio personality is someone who has been in their lives for years, even decades, a trusted friend helping them navigate their daily lives providing them with weather, traffic, news, entertainment and laughter. Who can’t use a little laughter now? They are often the first voices many hear in the morning and the last to hear in the evening. This bond between listener and local radio personalities is something that Google, YouTube or television can’t match."

 Since the COVID-19 crisis hit, WEMU has been hearing from so many in our community who are thanking us for being there, for being familiar in this unsettling and uncertain time.  One of the many benefits of WEMU is our longtime on air staff; those familiar voices who are your daily friends and companions.  You count on us to be there, no matter what.

 And we are.  Our amazing team of broadcast professionals have been working every day, on-site or from home studios, putting in long hours to make sure you are kept up to date on the latest developments as they happen.  The communications and news industry are essential services, especially during this unsettled time and with a major election approaching, and we will continue to be here every day, live and local, to be here for you.

 And more than ever, we need your financial support to provide the service that's so essential to you.  The public radio industry has taken a huge hit in corporate support and have reductions in funding from traditional sources during this crisis.  For organizations, like WEMU, that operate on razor-thin margins, there is not much of a cushion.  You, our community of listeners, can help us avoid having to cut programs by making a financial gift right now.  Currently about 7% of listeners to WEMU are actual donors to WEMU.  You can make your first time gift, you can come back to WEMU after an absence from giving, you can make an additional gift, or you can increase your annual gift.  Anything that pushes us up to 8 or 9% of listeners as donors will make all the difference to WEMU.

 Because we're all in this together.  And, together, we will get through this, emerging stronger and ready for whatever lies ahead. Thank you. #teamwemu