Candidates for Ypsilanti School Board Meet the Public

Ypsilanti – The Ypsilanti Board of Education election is approaching. The two challengers in the race are working as a team and using the slogan, "Continue the Excellence." The incumbants are stressing the need for change in the district.

Incumbants Floyd Brumfield and Andy Fanta, and challengers Melodie Gable and Allen Thompson all appeared at Monday night's "Meet the Candidates" forum. The event was sponsored by the Ypsilanti Education Association, the union representing district teachers.

Brumfield utilized the opportunity to point out his accomplsihments, and stresses he has always worked to increase the consciousness of the school board. Fanta said he hopes the community appreciates his track record of questioning items before the board. Gable and Thompson stressed that the district is doing a lot of great things right now that need to be better publicized.