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Jun 12, 2017

Update: Big thanks to everyone who gave to WEMU recently. Thanks to you, we raised over $81,000 toward our goal of $100,000.

If we can raise an average of $2,500 per day between now and June 23rd, we will make up that last $19,000 or so needed on the goal. If you would like to help close the gap, please make your gift now.

Also, if you have an outstanding pledge, please make sure it's paid by June 23 Together we can do this and keep 89.1 WEMU sustainable and future-focused.

You can help WEMU Find the Way:

Dear WEMU Friends: Last Friday I attended the opening night party for Top of the Park.  Nearly every person I spoke with asked me how the summer fundraiser was going and, when I said that it was looking really tight right now, the answer would invariably be “Oh, well, you always find a way to pull these things out.”

 It’s great to know that you have such confidence in WEMU’s ability to always find a way to make it work.  We have been pretty creative in working to keep the balance of local and national programs intact and have succeeded for the most part.  

But, it’s different this time.  

Some unexpected major expenses reduced our budget surplus to nearly nothing.  If we can’t replace it and continue to build it, we have no choice but to make cuts.  And the only resources we have left to cut are people.

 And you have said that you don’t want that.

 So, please, on this last day of our summer fundraiser, think about the eleven local voices you hear every week on WEMU and what you get back from them every day.   Think of the cultural connections and partnerships; the great music and the events we share.  And then think what it would be like if that went away for lack of support. 

You would hear a very different WEMU.

To make sure that never happens, please join the thousands of others in our community who support WEMU by making your gift now.  

 Help us find that way.

 Thank you,

Molly Motherwell, WEMU General Manager