Local Community Group Hopes To Raise $50k By End Of February

Jan 15, 2015

Michigan Economic Development Corporation to provide matching funds, if goal is met on time.

One final push is being made to raise the funds necessary to re-open Ypsilanti's Freighthouse, this year. The Friends of the Ypsilanti Freighthouse hope to raise$50k by the end of February, through a crowdfunding campaign. 

If the Friends meet their goal, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation will provide a matching grant to cover the costs of the final repairs need to reopen the facility to the public.

Jamie Boyer is Director of Marketing with Visual Compass Web Design, which created the patronicity page for the fundraising effort. Boyer says they want to line everything up by the end of winter. Boyer went on to say they "hope that, kind of by second quarter, we have the bids in, the funding is here, and then construction and everything can happen."

Marilyn Crowley of the MEDC says the crowdfunding effort is a great way to demonstrate community support for a project. Project details are available at www.patronicity.com/project/ypsilanti_freighthouse

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