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Merry Christmas, Baby: Joan Belgrave On 89.1 Jazz

Dec 4, 2014

Vocalist Joan Belgrave returned to Ann Arbor about 9 years to care for an ailing family member.  Since her return she started a whole new musical family thanks to her marriage to Detroit jazz icon, trumpeter Marcus Belgrave. 

In nine short years she has joined the ranks of Detroit’s first-call jazz and blues singers.  Her recordings with Marcus Belgrave document a steady growth in confidence.  You’ll hear her poise and grace loud and clear as you listen to selections from Joan’s new Christmas EP, Merry Christmas Baby.  You will also hear her self-assurance as she shared her story with me.






Recently, Joan Belgrave visited WEMU to talk about growing up in Ann Arbor, her earliest musical influences, learning the ropes of the music business in California and her plans for the future which include more recordings with the excellent ensemble that came together for Merry Christmas Baby.