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A Message From Lisa Barry

Jun 23, 2020

Hi! Lisa Barry here... your local host of All Things Considered here on 89.1 WEMU, and of Art and Soul and many other local community conversations.


In fact, the WEMU team and I have been working extra hard during the pandemic to connect you with the bright minds and health experts we're lucky to have in our community to share the latest and wisest information and advice to stay safe, healthy, and reassured at this trying time.  And now, as we watch racial unrest rising, and our community’s response, I have put a lot of thought and time and effort into giving voice to those who need to be heard in hopes of bringing about peace, hope and change.


With many job losses and economic changes our state and community face, I, too, have been personally affected; furloughed one day a week along with my weekday on-air colleagues (and no it's not a joyous 3 day weekend for me).  It feels like a bit of a hole in my soul because I want be on the job connecting with you, the listeners, and making a difference.  But many of us are in similar situations due to the pandemic.


We know the collective financial picture is pretty uncertain right now and who knows what the coming months will bring?  But with your financial support, along with others, we here at WEMU can stay on the job and continue to share our mission of bringing you local community news that matters.  That makes a difference NOW more than ever.


And with your financial support we can continue to heal these troubled times with great jazz and blues.


If you listen and have never given a financial gift before, now is the perfect time to start!  Any financial support can really make a difference in our future and your future when you count on WEMU as a local source of news, entertainment, and community connection. 

Please make your gift right now at WEMU.org


Thank you so much, 


Lisa Barry