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Robert Prester Dogtown: a Wednesday Delight

Jan 15, 2014

WEMU listeners are discerning judges of good talent.  You have heard gifted pianists such as McCoy Tyner, Bebo Valdes, Chucho Valdes, Danilo Perez and Michel Camilo on 89.1 Jazz shows.  We think you will welcome pianist Robert Prester and his new CD Dogtown with open ears.  Not unlike Chucho Valdes and Danilo Perez, Robert Prester followed classical piano studies.  It is evident in his brilliant 32nd note runs and precise technique.  But like the aforementioned, Prester also plays with emotion, feeling, joy and improvisational bliss.  His partners on the disc revel in their roles with brilliant high notes from trumpeter Jonathan Siegel and sensual wordless vocals from Terezinha Valois.  Wednesday, with its deadlines and demands is a great day to premiere the bright and lively new CD Dogtown by Robert Prester to lift your spirits.  I’ll have it on the playlist for 89.1 Jazz this morning.

The cover for Robert Prester's new CD Dogtown is as enjoyable as the music inside
Credit www.robertprester.com